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2-Pack: Gigantic Space-Saving Vacuum Bags

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Sometimes it seems like there's just never enough space to put everything away. Whether you're packing for a trip or storing your summer clothes, you'll love these space-saving vacuum bags. This set of 2 gigantic bags uses your own vacuum to help you create more storage space. Simply place your clothing, bedding, or other items into the bag and seal them tightly. Your vacuum then attaches to the bag, and, when you turn it on, it removes the air from the bag, giving you a flat package to store. Easy storage in no time!
Want to know more?
• Includes 2 bags
• Ideal for storing clothing, bedding, linens, and more
• Shrinks down to an incredibly small size, giving you extra space in your closet
• Also great for giving you extra space in your suitcase on long trips
• Use your own vacuum to remove air from bags
• Each bag measures 35" L x 27.5" H